Who could follow Kim Jong Un as North Korea's next leader? | DW News


North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has not been seen publicly since chairing a Worker’s Party meeting on April 11. Rumors about his health began swirling after he failed to attend the birthday celebrations of his grandfather and the country’s founder, Kim Il Sung, on April 15, an event that marks the most important day in the North Korean political calendar. Leadership in North Korea has operated as a quasi-monarchy ever since Kim Il Sung took power. Although Kim Jong Un efficiently consolidated power, there is no indication that he designated an heir. The most likely family member to succeed Kim Jong Un as political leader seems to be his sister, Kim Yo Jong.


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  1. He's not dead. Your media and titbits you get from your leaders are leading you that way. They want ppl to sway their heads for what is happening under your nose. Ppl talk about being "woke", the same ppl that have their eyes shut. Bet he is self isolating in private as he doesn't want the world to know that Korea have many cases.

  2. It's ironic isn't it, the Communist dream of making an egalitarian 'worker's utopia' ends up turning into a despotic feudal kingdom from the middle ages.

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  5. If North Korea falls and South Korea occupies the North. Then Russia and China will have a nice start. DPRK must survived for all costs.

  6. Yes she's now do the welfare of society, the last day for all living things is " 22/05/2250 " fixed in this planet. don't forget the Chinese behind Kim…… – kalki avatar


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