N. Korea leader Kim Jong-un resurfaces after 20 days amid health rumors


北 김정은 20일 만에 공개활동…어제 비료공장 준공식 참석

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly reappeared in public for the first time in nearly three weeks.
The news comes as speculation continues surrounding his health and his successor in the reclusive regime.
Lee Kyung-eun has the details.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has resurfaced in public for the first time in twenty days amid rumors surrounding his health.
The North’s state-run Korean Central News Agency reported on Saturday that the 36-year-old leader appeared at a new fertilizer factory in Sunchon on Friday to celebrate its completion.
The agency released multiple photos of Kim,…smiling, clapping his hands, and cutting a ribbon at the ceremony.
The report also said that Kim looked around the factory, along with senior officials from the ruling Workers’ Party, including his sister, Kim Yo-jong.
This is Kim’s first public appearance since April 11th when he held a meeting with party officials in Pyeongyang.
He was not seen in public on April 15th, which is the country’s biggest holiday —— the birthday of his grandfather and the founder of North Korea, Kim Il-sung.
That’s when rumors about his health began to swirl,…with unverified news reports saying that Kim was “brain-dead” or “in grave danger” after heart surgery.
Or that he may be in quarantine after contracting COVID-19.
There has been much speculation about Kim’s successor, with his sister Kim Yo-jong at the center of attention.
The South Korean government has yet to make any official comment.
But U.S. President Trump, when asked about the news at a press briefing on Friday local time, said that he would not comment on it yet,… adding that he’ll have something to say about it at the appropriate time.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.

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  2. Must be his body double as he might be recovering after the surgery in some secure military bunker .

  3. I am glad to see him still alive!! As long as he is alive he can still be saved and come to Jesus!! All who die in their sin without accepting Jesus as their savior and the atonement he delivered on the cross for us will go to hell! I don’t wish that on anyone. Christians need to pray for these despots around the world

  4. I just wanna know why all the world leaders got some fucked up haircuts….and whats the deal with the Blockhead haircut on Kim?

  5. Rest In Peace Kim Jung Un🤣😂😜
    It might be an old video. This country’s officers are not reliable

  6. I wonder if kim jong un will consider killing his sister after hearing that people see her as his equeal for a sucesser?….

  7. I think he overslept on the bigday or he had a very bad hangover, so he made his subject conjure up a coverup story.

  8. didn't show up in public for 20 days
    media : he's dead
    not every leader like trump who want to shows up everyday on your screen

  9. The World (just the West): Kim Jong Un is dead!
    CN, JP(Anti-imperial), S.K, RU: I don't think so.
    Kim Jong Un: alive
    The World (definitely Western): shocked to death
    CN,JP,S.K, RU: told ya.

  10. Western Media: He's dead! I can't believe it!
    Kim Jong Un: Haha! Foolish Imperialists! You have not even seen my final form!

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  13. Kim jon un resurrected after 14 days. Wait he was in quarantine after contacting COVID-19. I guess he's the 1st case in North Korea. How special. ( as the all important leader he always has 2 🐝 1st 2 show his superortiey). Lol

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  15. The reason why Kim Jong-Un requires all those near him to be taking notes is so that their hands are visible at all times to his security personnel in order to discourage assassination attempts. But a pen can sometimes be used as a weapon if jabbed into a person's eye socket and into the brain.

  16. It's so fake… In the middle of covid 19 anyone of them without wearing a mask? Come on! North Korea has a corona virus cases too, so, that's why that photos or videos are so false, because that is a previous gathering of Kim Jong-un.


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