Microsoft Access 2016 Complete Tutorial – Access Made Easy by Sali Kaceli


This is the complete tutorial on Microsoft Access 2016. The tutorial starts with the very basics and continues to the more advanced features on properly understanding how design and use an Access database. For more info. visit


The following are covered in this tutorial along with the timeline:
00:00 Getting Started with Access Concepts
00:50 General Concepts Related to Databases
02:55 Components of a Database: Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports
04:13 Database components in an actual database: A brief overview
09:08 Opening and working with an existing Access database template and identifying components
11:22 Entering data in a database from a template
13:47 Creating a new database and saving a database
14:00 The Access user interface components
15:35 The Tell me feature in Access 2016
16:19 Creating your first table in Microsoft Access and table components
17:59 Understanding data types in an Access Database and tables
18:19 Defining the table fields and data types
20:22 Entering data directly into a table
22:35 Primary Key concepts
23:57 Using the Design View to design a Table
28:51 Modifying the Design of an existing table using Design View and adding a new field
29:41 Yes/No fields in a table and assigning the Primary Key in a table
31:44 Creating forms from a table to enter and update data using the Form Wizard
36:31 Modifying a form in Access
38:53 Creating a simple query from a table and using the Query Wizard
41:30 Creating reports and using the Report Wizard
43:47 Modifying a report
45:00 Using the Data Files for the tutorial
48:00 Creating Tables from an Excel data file
49:43 Importing the data structure and the data from an external file
53:58 Creating tables and importing the data from a .csv file
55:16 Creating a Table from a .csv file
57:12 Understanding the Primary and Foreign Keys in a database
1:00:30 Linking tables in Access 2016 and Defining the Relationships
1:02:02 Identifying the primary and foreign keys
1:02:53 Selecting the tables and linking the tables
1:03:30 Defining the relationships
Learn how to create forms in a database in Access 2016.
Learn how customize forms in Access 2016.
Learn how to create queries in Access 2016.
Learn how to create custom queries with criteria and calculated fields.
Learn how to create reports in Access 2016
Learn how to customize reports in Access 2016.

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  1. Excellent pace for beginners. I wanted to find the download referred to in the access course, but did not know where it was.

  2. thats just excellent , that was refreshing for me but an excellent way to do it so, i had the ms acess course in 2008 but i felt i am much mature to use and understand it by your method

  3. I've been following this tutorial from the beginning but at 33:23 when he starts creating a form, in the available fields list, there are fields that I don't understand how they were created (Field1.File Data, Field1.FileFlags etc.). Did I miss something and will the absence of these fields affect my tutorial progress?

  4. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I watched it because I want to learn how this software is being used. You make it so easy that is why I learned that fast. Great job! 😀

  5. Why do you worry anyone is going to copy this? I can barely hear you. Get a real mic, like the Snowball.
    It gets better after one minute, the echo is gone though volume is still low.

  6. All this tutorial is perfect for me. But I have some technical question. Also it'' s troublesome
    . So, at 00:34:16 we see fields. First field "Customer". The number "1" is in black. Is it possible to make content of this field like rest of them? Without black cursor mark or whatever its call?

  7. Northwind Database is a fantastic template for testing many Access projects. I understand it is availble in some additional languages but NOT in the correct formats for Regional Use. I think many developers would love to get a Northwind with GBP currency UK telephone numbers and Address Formats (Postcode not Zip and Town/City not City. also UK accounting and trading terms. Does such a thing exist? I feel certain there will be a big demand. Where can I get to ask Microsoft for help on this?

  8. Simply the best classes I had. Clear Voice with plenty of details and examples. Like Albert mentioned, I learned so much from here than I did in 3 weeks in College. Thank you very much Professor Kaceli!!!!

  9. Thanks for the great effort and well-explained tutorial. I tried to download the data files for this tutorial. I subscribed to your channel and also donated but still unable to download.

  10. I used access a long time ago and built many databases. As my career progressed I went into Project/PMO Management and kinda lost touch with database and access concepts. I guess its an age thing. I am now doing this tutorial and its easy to understand and clearly explained.. Well done..

  11. I like your video very much. It's really great. I'll keep an eye on your channel. I am your fan and I will support you.


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