How to install Pixelmon – Minecraft Mod Installation Tutorial + Download (Pixemon 3.4.0) Easy!


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Hope this tutorial helps! Have fun playing everyone! 😀

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  1. i am having a problem when I click on the description for the forge it doesn't take me to the screen you were at in the vid and when I try to download it , it doesn't even got to where you are it just makes me want to download something else not related to the forge download

  2. I followed the instructions and but it into the mods folder but for some reason I cant play it! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It wont let me install forge. Every time i click on forge it says must at least run version 1.7.10 manually once

  4. didn't work for me now my computer is WAY to slow for me to look up anything so I needed to post this comment on my phone :/

  5. L8 when I go onto the minecraft launcher it says only forge so when I load it and when I go into the mods folder it doesn't say pixelmon in there, what should I do?

  6. okay some things are happening, when I download 1.7.10 forge, it downloads, then I download pixelmon, put it in the Mods folder launch minecraft, switch my account to "Forge" And "use version"   'release 1.7.10-Forge10 . 13.4.1492-1.7.10'  Save my profile, select the server I want to go into , and it crashes. If you or anyone else can help me that would be awesome

  7. When I open minecraft, it does not show that i have pixelmon installed, maybe because i don't have the correct forge profile and i don't know how to get it.

  8. So I downloaded the Forge thing but my computer wont allow it to run for some reason, also chrome is blocking me from being able to download the mod itself. Any help?

  9. I downloaded pixelmon and forge 1.7.10 and every thing else but when i do .Minecraft it doesnt open a mods folder to put pixelmon but its still in my "this pc" does it no still work if its just in that instead of the folder cause for me it didnt
    P.S. When i do .Minecraft it launches minecraft. Why?

  10. Thank you so much! Your tutorial enabled me to install and play pixelmon with ease, Loving the mod so far and will have to get into a server sometime. 😀

    Also, love your voice lol. There's something "sexy" about it XD

  11. I the add i saw the Ninja from trinity seven and i was so happy because they finally had an anime for it, well no it was just crunchy roll showing .5 seconds of random anime, well then.

  12. so I'm running into this issue where I got the pixelmon installer and set up and donwloaded the forge version that works for it( and now it says all I have to do is drag and drop that installer jar and it should've popped up when I am craeting my profile. It worked when I did it for the pixelmon version but won't work at all for that forge version..Nothing comes up at all and when I downloaded a newer version and drag and dropped it tells me "Forge version incompatible with pixelmon" so i'm not sure what to do from here, I have all the stuff it just won't execute! Someone please help me figure this out, I'm not too savvy with this stuff :/

  13. It tells me that i should download something about the latest net frame
     will it erase my programs from my PC?

  14. I'm new to this but I don't even know where to begin with this. I think I have these items so far but I can't do the forge until I get the Minecraft directory set up help? I:

  15. Okay dude you lost me.  I downloaded and extracted both files now can you explain how to actually download forge?  All I have is a folder filled with extracted files and no idea what to do with them to make the mod manager work.

  16. So helpfull, took a break from minecraft for a while, back from pixelmon beta you had to move alot of folders araund; so complicated but now is just so simple and easy. You sir just got another sub 😉


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