EZVIZ C6T Mini 360 Plus 1080P IP Camera Review and Setup Guide



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Thank you for watching my EZVIZ C6T security camera setup and review!

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EZVIZ products have been designed for your entertainment, communication, security. When you install the EZVIZ APP on your smartphone or tablet, EZVIZ devices will be connected to the cloud via their QR code and will immediately be online. With EZVIZ you can talk to your loved ones, watch your child’s progress when you are away, keep an eye on your home, interact with your four-legged friends, prevent household accidents.

– Up to 2 megapixel resolution, 1080P resolution.
– Support PT function, pan angle up to 340°, tilt angle up to 90°.
– Support lens smart masking, provide privacy protection.
– Support smart motion tracking shoot.
– High-efficiency infrared fill light, long service life and up to 10 meters irradiation distance.
– Built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way audio.
– Support Micro SD card up to 128GB.
– Support Wi-Fi, smart configuration via QR code.
– Support video alarm service for mobile phone and Web.
– Three colors personification expression light, more humanization.
Business email: tech@adzproductions.nz

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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for watching this video – I have recently reviewed the full A1 security system by EZVIZ – a link can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=AQz6ys7e9-c

  2. Hi there and continue the good work you are doing! I was wondering if I can use the camera as a baby monitor through Ethernet. And I want to disable completely the wifi connection for avoiding the radiation exposure

  3. So that camera those not have remote Pan/Tilt. I been looking for half hour for that commande. Ok back in its box, by by.

  4. hi, i am really in trouble i tried so many time.. i have connected my phone to ezviz camera and it is connected very easily but i tried it to connect with other phone it is showing message "device is connected with other device" it means camera is connected with my phone. how i will connect with second phone please resolve this issue..i am tired now and it is not connecting with other device….please reply……

  5. So this one does fulltime recording or just when there is a montion?

    If it is just motion, what if there are two people toward different direction at the same time?

  6. You said you can adjust it so it doesn’t film every passing bird ! This isn’t true, yes you can change the sensitivity but it’s so sensitive it picks up everything in any setting

  7. can you mix different ezviz models with there program got my first camera and would also like the 340 degrees camera on the same account

  8. Crystal clear explanation and right to the point. I am far from being a tech savvy but after watching this video I was impressed by the features of the camera combined with the simplicity it takes to install it. Thanks buddy for your sense of clarity and logical thinking.

  9. Spent 2 hours trying to connect this devise to WiFi and LAN. Still no joy! The wizard doesn’t show the WiFi I’m on nor does it recognize the LAN.

  10. The most comprehensive video I have seen until now for this specific camera. But … unfortunately you did not cover in depth 2 features I have some doubts with this camera. The responsive time and lag for 2 way audio and Pan/Tilt. I know you cannot expect very much for that price. But it would be nice to see in the review how long is the lag for those features. Anyway, congrats for your video.

  11. Anyone know how I can make this camera work using a Samsung Galaxy s9 and the Xfinity xfi dual band modem I just bought this camera and think I wasted my money because I can't seem to make it work

  12. Push to talk to the other side is garbage… thats not really 2 way audio, it should be LIVE 2 way audio so you can talk back and forth LIVE without hitting the button like a 2-way radio… or like a nextel…
    Ring has the best 2 way audio but they don't do local storage… they only do cloud storage.
    This unit has 360 rotation and has an ethernet port for faster connection .. and local storage but figures they would screw up the 2 way audio feature..

  13. Hi,can you turn off the ir lights(night vision feature)so you can point it out windows without getting reflection??

  14. Excellent review. Thank you. If Wi-Fi goes down and the camera loses it's connection does it still save video to the micro sd card to be viewed at a later time? Thanks


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