Elon Musk Threatens Lawsuit, Relocation of Tesla Headquarters out of California (TSLA)


➤ Elon Musk threatens to file lawsuit with Alameda county over continued production restrictions
➤ Additionally, Elon makes plans to relocate Tesla’s headquarters outside of California
➤ Elon mentions Texas, further alluding to a possible Gigafactory in Texas
➤ Alameda county contact form, please be respectful:


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Executive producer Bradford Ferguson
Executive producer Andre Kent
Music by Evan Schaeffer

Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives

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  1. I think it would be a smart move for Tesla to move to Texas! Hopefully one day Canada will make it affordable for them to open a plant in Canada to replace the loss of GMC

  2. If you break it down to the simple motivations, Cali wants to protect lives, Elon wants to make more cars…

  3. Come to Flint Mi There’s plenty of cheap real estate. We would be glad to have you and think of how hilarious it would be if you set up shop literally on General motors back porch.

  4. What? You think the only state in the union with talented people is Commiefornia? Motorola has a chip factory in Idaho. They don't have a problem hiring talented people. Like Elon Musk, the smart people who haven't already left that Democrat hell hole, will be doing so soon. Side note, go to Texas, Idaho is full.

  5. Ga. Gov. Kemp punked all you wanna be's included unusually squeamish trump he's the real warrior for the working man and a Maverick Entrepreneur like Musk.

  6. My big white ass he will……..it's a game y'all……..California is his people…………if you can even say that

  7. I saw moving trucks at Tesla Headquarters today. I support Elon Musk 100% to move on from California. His taxes are wasted here in Alameda County by the pork barrel county government.

  8. Lack of talent??? THE TALENT IN CALIFORNIA CAN MOVE TO NEVADA. Just leave the California mentality behind and don't poison other states.

  9. It seems all levels of government local state and federal have some real iconic morons, power Corrupts absolutely with these dingbats

  10. This is what happens when people vote for emotional marxists instead of libertarian constitutionalists.


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