Best VR 360 Video


Best VR VIDEO 360 Virtual Reality Video
Compatibility: Google Cardboard VR Box 360, Oculus Rift VR, Oculus Quest VR, HTC Vive VR, Playstation 4 VR Headset, PSVR

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This is an advertisement video for the company Glass-Canvas. I was not paid for uploading this video on my channel.

I got the written upload permission by the Founding Director of Glass-Canvas Mr. Andrew Goodeve (copyright owner) but I was not allowed the edit the footage (image & sound is original).

Original video by Glass-Canvas:

YouTube channel of Glass-Cavans:

Music: Drifting Clouds by David Goldsmith

The video was uploaded before the new YT policies have been released 2018.

I injected 360 meta data to make the equirectangular projection YouTube 360 degree compatible.

What is this video about?
This video represents a Virtual Realiy 360° waterslide experince through several locations like a city, desert, lake, jungle and many more. You can look around in any direction by using your mobile phone, touch display, gyroscope sensor or a VR headset.

Educational information:
What is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality is a medium with the ability to be transported to other places, to be fully immersed in experiences and to feel like you are really there.
All you need is a Virtual Reality headset and a Virtual Reality video. Enjoy 😉

Channel information:

This channel creates and provides family-friendly videos for Virtual Reality based on real life events and video games by using the latest hardware- and software technology. If you want to publish your VR video on this monetized VR channel, feel free to contact me.


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  1. Me: what does it mean 360??
    (Watches some of the video) uhm what’s the point of this?
    (Accidentally moves the screen) WHOA WTF!?!? THIS IS SO COOL

  2. I watched just two of ur vids I love them so much that is convinced me to subscribe hit the bell and everything else great job!

  3. Awesome content , I love it!

    I made a Moto mod 360 VR video of my kite flight.

  4. POV: you died but got a second chance to live and the slide was showing you what you would miss out on if you chose to die.

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  6. رظبزب زؤورني يظس ؤءكءةسهوصصلزص جهاز


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