Auto-Desk 3Ds Max 2015 Installation | How to install 3Ds Max in 2017


How to install 3Ds Max in 2017

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Auto-Desk 3Ds Max 2015 Installation

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INSTALLATION for Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 64-bits

Step 1: Install the prey Plugin Suite which includes IPTV and auto pick for 3ds Max 2015

Release Notes :

– migration from C# to full python (PySide for user interface).

– status bar/progress bar support.

– smoothed molecular surface added.

– spline extrusion, scattering not supported.

– cell pack performs poorly when building thousands of instance, e.g. you need 1 hour to load the full HIV mature virion.

Automatic installation :
Run the .msi and follow the onscreen instructions
Click Yes to allow the installation and if necessary click more information if Windows posts a warning screen.
We recommend accepting the default path for the TSRI-auto pack folder when prompted

Manual installation :

When you get to the “Download the uPy plugin package here: autoPack_3dsMax_111.msi” step below, first choose the uninstall option to ensure that all components are deleted. Finish, then run again to install uPy freshly.
DEPRECATED– Do this only if you encounter problem with Nitrous, but with the latest ePMV update, Nitrous can be used without issues
Symptoms only present in ePMV and include: colors and geometries won’t update properly and frame updates will take excess time
Start 3ds Max
Click Customize-PreferencesSettings
Click the Viewport Tab
In Diplay Drivers click Choose Driver
Write down your current settings in case you want to return to them after using autoPACK or ePMV
Check [√]Open GL and click OK
If and only if you ran the Sci-Viz plugin between October 2012 and July 2013, you may have a problematic PYTHONPATH that will cause a python path conflict that exhibits itself when you try to run autoPACK simultaneously with Maya and 3d Studio Max and/or Cinema 4D. New users will have no issues.
We just discovered that there is a python path conflict caused if you install SciViz (Python engine for 3D Studio Max) from Autodesk on the same Windows computer with Maya. This was fixed by Autodesk in the June 2014 release of sci-viz, but if you have trouble trying to run Maya or Cinema 4D from an older installation, be sure to remove the PYTHONPATH Enviroment Variable:
Change PYTHONPATH to PYTHONPATHmax so it becomes invisible to both Max and Maya

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