360° 3D photographic reference app for artists [with FREE 🆓 download]


Working with James from Ten24 to review the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 last year, I was introduced to his awesome free app Skull Sketcher II and other artist model drawing reference applications. I thought I’d do a quick video showing these apps off as well as give away a free version that James and I have made with the scan of me!! That way you can check out just how good Anatomy 360 really is for yourself & let me know. Tweet me @LAWRENCEcanDRAW if you draw me using the app – so excited!!!!!


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If you want to say a big Than you then a kind Sub, like, comment, share of me channel would be much appreciated! I’m sure Anatomy360 would like that too. This was a non-profit-all love venture. Enjoy ;D

Until next time, keep on painting!

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  1. Just found your channel, I'm new to blender thanks to you (so its all your fault. :)) thanks for all the guidance and help, I hope to be even .01% as good.

  2. Hi I just spent £40 on this for my mac and when I double-click the file just says 'cannot be opened'. Please help!

  3. Someone please Help, I've spent over $40 worth of 3D models on Anatomy 360, but unfortunately none of them work. This is the error that appears when launch the program:
    Failed to initialize Direct3D.

    Make sure you have at least DirectX 9.0c installed, have drivers for your

    graphics card and have not disabled 3D acceleration

    in display settings.

    InitializeEngineGraphics failed.
    If any one has any suggestions please do share.

  4. ola! por gentileza, qual é o aplicativo? eu utilizo um que não tem tantas opções…e para mim é fundamental passar alguns detalhes para minhas alunas de designer de sobrancelhas !!!obrigadaaaa!!! sucessoooo!!!!

  5. That is pretty cool but I really wish that the developers would make it possible for us to pose the 3D models and change their facial expressions. I would also find it useful if we could pose the models together. These kinds of features would be so useful in creating references to use for drawing comics.
    Question: Would it be possible for us to scan ourselves to create 3D models that can be used within the application? It would be so amazing to be able to pose 3D versions of myself, family and friends.

  6. Hi! I am digital concept artist. Still now I have been using Huoin DWH69 pen tablet. But I'm not satisfied with this. I have been using it since last year,There are many problems in it. I want buy wacom cintiqe 13 old version because new version is very expencive than old ver. please tell old version will be good than new version?

  7. I got it downloaded, but I can't get my desktop PC to open it. I'll try it on my Surface Pro 3. My desktop acts weird about certain files sometimes.


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